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Back to School Grade 5 SP

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the Lesson 


 This session aimed at helping the child reflect on the covid-19 pandemic. With the help of fun-filled activities, the child also learns to deal with post-covid school changes and get used to the new routine.  


What your child will learn 

  • Recalled the memories of covid lockdown.
  • Prepare for the new normal (post pandemic) phase.
  • Reasons why the student might fear going back to school.
  • Understand the reasons why some students might feel tired with the offline classes. 
  • Recognize the normal behavior patterns.

How is it going to help your child 

  • Resilience building to deal with unprecedented challenges.
  • Communicate effectively with others.
  • To be able to maintain good interpersonal relationships.
  • Understand the difference between the covid restrictions and the  normal routine.

What to Expect 


Expect the child to be aware of the new changes and challenges in daily activities. The child will put in effort to help to adjust with the real life changes.


Parental Play & Role 

The student has been in a closed environment for the last 2 years. Encourage the student to play physically rather than on their cell phones and laptops. Involve them in different activities like-art classes, music lessons, dance forms, sport, etc. in groups to improve their cognitive abilities and analytical skills. 

List and answer- the child might have a million questions about the changes. Answer them accordingly and guide them through the process. 


Psychology Insight 


The human mind has the innate ability to adapt and adapt to new situations and environments. 


Our uniEQ Tools & Methods 


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