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Choosing Friends Wisely | Juniors

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the lesson 


The story of Aarya and Sparkle by the medium of sensory interactions of audio and visual cues focuses on teaching students about friendship, helping friends out in times of need. The session also focuses on the improvement of cognitive functioning of the child.


What your child will learn 

  • Your child learnt about the value of friendship.
  • They learnt about being more helpful and empathetic in relationships and friendships.
  • They learnt about observation skills
  • They also learnt about sharing with your friends and being there for them


How is it going to help your child


It is going to help your child in the development of social bonding skills and it would make them more empathetic beings. It will help the child for improvement in cognitive functioning by working on skills like observation, memorisation.


Parental role & play 


As a parent you can talk to your child about extending helping hands in house chores and how to be more kind and empathetic by bringing changes in behaviour.


As a parent read with them and watch videos quoting examples about being a good friend and keep reiterating those behaviours.


What to Expect 


Expect the child to be more gentle and helpful towards others. 


Psychology Insight 


Research has shown that the more you socialise and work on your relationships the level of satisfaction increases. So if the kids learn the value of friendship and incorporate skills of being a good friend in their character, it would help them in improvement in bondings as adults as well.


Our uniEQ method & tools 


Creative Worksheets | Psychology Exercises | Kindness Fun Activity

Course Curriculum

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