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Dealing with Strangers

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the lesson 

In this session, the student learns who can be considered a stranger and differentiate between situations where they need to avoid strangers and where they don’t. The student becomes more socially aware and equipped to prevent dangerous situations with reflective activities. The child understands the concept through a storyline about two rabbits at home facing danger while their parents have gone out. 


What your child will learn 


D: Don’t attend to strangers alone 

A: Awareness about the potential harm strangers can do

N: Not falling into the trap of sugar coated dangerous situations 

G: Greeting strangers only in the company of parents or trusted adults

E: Emergency situations need only to be dealt by parents

R: Recognize and differentiate between safe and harmful situations


How is it going to help your child 

  • Be safe from potential harm 
  • Becoming socially aware 
  • Meet new people without hesitation when accompanied by parents and trusted adults 


Parental role & play 


  • Safety from unnecessary fear: Help the child navigate by giving clear instructions on situations where meeting strangers is safe and conditions when it is dangerous. 
  • Not just strangers: Help them recognize dangerous situations rather than difficult people, sometimes people they know may also be potentially dangerous. 


What to expect 


Expect the child to recognize dangerous situations and strangers, proactively avoid such instances and inform trusted adults immediately. 


Psychology  Insight 


Stranger- Danger can look like anyone: It is not necessary that a dangerous stranger would be an middle-aged odd looking person. Even minors can also be a source of danger. Looks and identities do not matter, stranger- danger applies to everyone equally. 


Our uniEQ method & tools 


Creative Worksheets | Fun Activities | Psychological Exercises

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