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Goal Setting | Pre Teens

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the Lesson 

This session aims at inculcating goal settings in the student by enabling them to differentiate between their dreams and goals. By indulging in discussions and fun activities the student analyses whether they are just visualising a dream or working towards it with unparalleled vigour. Subsequently, they also learn how to be more focused and set their goal effectively. 


What your child will learn 

  • Differentiating between their dreams and goals. 
  • Identifying whether their goals are realistic or not. 
  • Learning appropriate ways of goal setting.
  • Create a plan of action in order to actualize their goals. 

How is it going to help your child 

  • Enhanced focus and concentration. 
  • Higher awareness about their interests and making sound career decisions. 
  • Strategic approach towards achieving goals.

What to Expect 

Expect the child to differentiate between dreams and realistic goals and use goal setting strategies effectively to actualize their goal. 


Parental Play & Role 


Habit of goal setting: In day to day tasks, ask them to plan a strategy to achieve a simple goal such as doing their homework, chores etc. help the child inculcate goal setting as a habit. 

Incentivise efforts over results: Appreciate efforts over results and reward their goal setting behaviour instead of its outcome. 


Psychology Insight 

 Researchers from Harvard found that people who set self relevant goals are happier than those who don’t. These people report feeling much happier emotions (joy, interest, pride, excitement).  Goal setting can make your child more emotionally intelligent and happier. 


Our uniEQ Method & Tools


Psychological Exercises | Worksheets | Goal Tracker

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