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How to be A Winner | Pre Teens

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the Lesson 


The student learns the importance of  being optimistic about situations, interactions, and yourself. People with positive attitudes remain hopeful and see the best even in difficult situations.It always helps children to overcome small and big challenges in their school life.


What your child will learn 

  • Motivation & Confidence 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • How to be optimistic in tough situations.

How is it going to help your child 

Overcome negative situations and emotions, making them emotionally intelligent 

Having emotional resilience to bounce back from negative feelings 

Empowered with the ability to deal with negative situations 


What to Expect 

The child develops a positive attitude in their way of seeing things and it helps him/her to solve problems more easily than before. 

Parental Play & Role 

Positive talk : Interact with children and understand their negative feelings about particular things.OIf it is required guide them to develop a positive attitude about a particular person , event or context etc.

Look at the brighter side of advice : When children face problems , help them to look at the brighter side of the problem to solve or overcome it.


Psychology Insight 

Research shows that many problems in human life can be simply solved by a positive attitude towards the problem.


Our uniEQ Method & Tools

Psychological Exercises | Worksheets

Course Curriculum

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