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Magical Words | Juniors

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the Lesson 

 In this session, the student learns magical words like Please, Sorry, and Thank You for polite communication. The Student recognizes to use these words according to the scenarios to show respect for the other person.


What your child will learn 


M: Magical words- Please, Sorry, and Thank you.

A: Applying these words in various situations.

N: Need to use these words. 

N: Nurture care and respect for everyone.

E: Eagerness to use these words in day to day life

R: Reinforces good manners with these words. 

S: Structure sentences by using the words 


How is it going to help your child 

  • To promptly apologise when they feel they have done something wrong. 
  • To request things they want in an articulated manner. 
  • To appreciate others when needed.
  • Communicate better and nurture long-term relationships. 

What to Expect 


Expect the child to identify situations where they are required to be well mannered and respectful. Also expect the child to be creative and curious about using magical words in a variety of situations.


Parental Play & Role 

Model your behaviour: Use these magical words with other people whenever needed before your child. The child will observe and learn to use these words in different situations accordingly. 

Impart the importance of being courteous: Explain to the child why it is so important to use these words for effective communication.


Psychology Insight 

 Manners are not only limited to vocabulary. Now that your child has understood the etiquettes of verbal communication, you can also teach non-verbal communication such as waving your hand when someone goes away or folding their hands and saying “Namaste” while meeting someone.

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