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Overcoming Fear | Pre Teens

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the Lesson 

This session is about accepting and acknowledging the feeling of fear. It helps the student become emotionally aware of their fears and understand the factors related to them and overcome them. The student learns to express their fear and anxiety. 


What your child will learn 


B: Becoming aware of their experiences with fear

R: Recognizing the causes behind these fears

A: Acknowledging the difference between rational and irrational fears

V: Vouching for validation of their fears

E: Employing coping techniques to mitigate the fears 


How is it going to help your child 

  • Overcome negative situations and emotions, making them emotionally intelligent 
  • Having emotional resilience to bounce back from feelings of fear 
  • Empowered with the ability to deal with fear 

What to Expect 


Expect the child to apply coping strategies to overcome their fears in a more efficient way. They learned to face their fears and overcome them, so encourage them. Don’t propel your fears on them.

Parental Play & Role 

Slowly introduce them to the fear inducing stimuli: Try to acquaint the child with fearful stimuli and increase its intensity overtime. For example, if the child is scared of horror films, try showing them a part of the trailer for some days and then the film. 

Try to find out what they are scared of then encourage them to do it, guide them, work with them like walking in the dark to help them come out of that fear. Otherwise, it will become a phobia for a lifetime.

Psychology Insight 


Not all fears are bad: We instinctively avoid objects/situations/places/people that produce fear. Make the child differentiate between rational and irrational fears. 


Our uniEQ Method & Tools

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