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Responsibility | Juniors

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the leeson


The student will understand about responsiiblity  in this lesson  by the medium of story and using the sensory interactive tools of audio and visual cues.The engaging activities helps them to focus on their behaviour pattern and self reflecting on how they act and what changes they can make in their lifestyle.


What your child will learn

  • Self reflection on their actions 
  • To understand about being responsible
  • Working hard and doing your own work and offering a helping hand.
  • Being empathetic and Kind towards their parents and in critical situations.

How is it going go help your child 


It is  going to help your child in understanding about responsibility taking. It is going to help the child in emotional and social development. It will help the child to grow and form stronger social bonding.


Parental Role & Play 


As a parent you can help the child by giving them some responsibilities, they can be small but it will help them feel like a grown up.

Set examples for them by being Kind and empathetic towards them and their situations so that they can learn from you.

Relax with them to establish the importance of taking a break and then getting up together with the same energy.


What to Expect 


Expect your child to be more Kind and empathetic. Expect them to be more responsible towards their work and towards their work at home.

Psychology Insight 


Skills like empathy and Kindness help in social growth and even as adults the skills developed at a young age helps to make them more equipped adults and adjust in a fast world.It is by taking small responsibilities and doing small things that students learn about becoming more responsible adults and managing life in a more planned manner. 


Our uniEQ method & tools 


Creative Worksheets | Psychology Exercises | Responsibility Hat Activity Fun 

Course Curriculum

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