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Anger Management | Pre Teens

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the lesson 

The session aimes at increasing the understanding of the student when it comes to anger and frustration. With the help of various activities, cases and introspection , the student will learn  to recognise the situations that make us really angry and frustrated and the ways to deal with them. The student also learns about the need to manage time when we have to do a lot of tasks simultaneously.


What your child will learn 

  • What is anger and frustration?.
  • Identifying triggers which leads to such emotions.
  • Dealing with situations that makes us angry and frustrated.
  • Managing time while multitasking.

How is it going to help your child 

  • Better time management.
  • Recognise emotions that might affect varying situations.
  • Not being impulsive.
  • Responding to different situations in a better way.
  • Overcoming negative emotions in a healthy way

What to Expect 

Expect the child to understand the reasons behind their anger and anxiety. They might choose healthier and more acceptable ways to deal with these emotions. Be there for them. Guide them through the process.


Parental Play & Role 


LISTEN: If you can recognise that the child is really angry and frustrated, don’t push them. They are already on the edge. They might react in an appropriate way. Give them some time and ask the reason behind their anger and frustration.

GIVE THEM SUPPORT AND CONFIDENCE- Sometimes the child might get overwhelmed with everything around them. Be there for them. Ask them if you can help them in any way. Reassure them. 


Psychology Insight 


In an attempt to benefit from anger, you should plan to relax on a regular basis. Along with eating well and exercising, planning time to relax by doing things that makes you relaxed or enjoying a show with a friend can combat anger.


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