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Making Others Happy | KGs

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the lesson 


This session aims to teach students social intelligence and empathy by focusing on making others happy. The student learns about humility, patience, and cooperation in difficult times through a story and introspection about a father and son in a scenario where the father is tired after a hectic day at work. His son waits for him to take him to the mall. The student recognizes that he is also responsible for making others happy and doesn’t fuss about it.  


What your child will learn 

  • The importance of helping others. 
  • The innate satisfaction of seeing a loved one smile.
  • Simple ways to make others happy. 
  • Finding happiness in someone else’s smile.

How is it going to help your child ? 

  • Maintain healthy relationships.
  • Adapt and cooperate with others.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Become generous while giving to others.
  • Ability to be grateful to others.

Parent role and play 


Parental Modelling: Try to show the child how everyone including you tries to make them happy. 

Joy in sharing: Take them to a donation camp and help them witness the joy in making others happy.

Random acts of kindness: Ask the child to smile and show appreciation to everyone they meet. Make them understand how this will help make someone’s day. 


What to Expect 


Expect the child to make everyone’s day a little better by being kind and considerate to them. They will show empathy to family/friends/maids/ pets, etc. Encourage the child but tell them whenever the other person is undeserving. They will expect the same from you, so be kind and calm.


Psychology  Insight 


Positive Feedback Loop: Researchers have found that making others happy and doing good deeds increases your happiness levels. Help your child share and receive joy alike. Happy people can spread more happiness around. 


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