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Managing Disgust | Pre Teens

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the Lesson 

In this session, the student explores behavioural and physiological responses to the emotion of disgust. This session aims to bring awareness of the student's subjective experience and what they find disgusting through a storyline, introspection and a group of activities. Apart from that, the session also addresses  how to deal with others' abhorrent behaviour empathetically.  

What your child will learn 

Y: Yielding an empathetic response to others who feel disgusted or have shown disgusting behaviour

U: Understanding the individual triggers and what makes the child most disgusted.

C: Communicating to others about their disgusting behaviour politely

K: Knowing what to do if the child feels disgusted. 

How is it going to help your child 

Identifying disgusting thoughts, behaviour, and individual triggers 

Dealing with feelings of disgust in a positive way 

Conflict resolution: Being empathetic to people who might have shown abhorrent behaviour

What to Expect 

Expect the child to identify feelings of disgust in oneself and others. The child will be able to differentiate between “contaminated” thoughts and positive thoughts and will be able to manage these feelings accordingly. 


Parental Play & Role 

Do not label: Instead of saying “you are disgusting,” say “this habit is disgusting because…” and give a clear explanation about why you feel the habit is disgusting. 

Help them process the emotion: Disgust can be an overwhelming emotion. Be sure to acknowledge the feeling and the causal factors behind feeling it.  

Disgust can be expressed in an appealing manner. Try once. 


Psychology Insight 

Evolutionary benefit of disgust: It removes potentially dangerous or damaging things/people and keeps us away from safe and healthy surroundings/people. That’s why the feeling of disgust is necessary, although management of these emotions can make the child better adapted to their environment.


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