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No to Stubbornness | KGs

Language: English

Instructors: Pepkidz

Why this course?


Summary of the lesson 

In this session, the student will learn that stubbornness  doesn’t work all the time, and one should be open to new and alternate experiences/choices. By the end of the session, the student gains a better understanding of how to deal with different situations when they feel stuck. It helps in making better decisions and contributes to the overall Emotional Development of the student and enhances the soft skill of adaptability.

What your child will learn 


A: Accept the change.

D: Decide the next course of action when things do not work out as planned.

A: Avoid behaving stubbornly in tough situations.

P: Be Patient

T: Try an alternative train of thought for better results.

I: Inspire others to be open to new experiences and alternative options.

V: Value what you have.

E: Explore other available options. 


How is it going to help your child 


Being Adaptive is a skill that the child needs to inculcate from a young age to accept new challenges, reframe thoughts and solve problems. This flexibility in thought allows the child to adopt a new approach or modify the existing one in times of need. 


Parental role & play 


Be Patient: It is essential to understand that the child’s ability to accept change differs from that of an adult. They may not understand initially but showing patience will help.

Help them explore: Help your child explore other available options and guide them to possible solutions.

Praise kids when they show adaptability: Praise nurtures your child’s confidence and lets them know they did things the right way. This positive reinforcement helps the child develop this soft skill further. By praising the child, you are making them future-ready.


What to expect 


Expect your child to have a more open outlook and seek alternative options when something does not work out according to their expectations or when they cannot get what they wanted for some reason. They may try to explore more available options and then decide amongst them.


Psychology insight 


Adaptive people can deal better with challenges in life and find practical solutions, even in difficult situations. They can maintain better interpersonal relationships. It allows them to have the capacity to have a  positive and straightforward approach to solving problems.


Our uniEQ method & tools 


Choice Exploration Fun Activity  | Creative Worksheets | Play with Parent Session 

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